From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Thu Jan 9 04:26:00 2003

>> In fact, when thinking about building a low speed Game
>> machine for early 90s games, I would go for a 60-200 MHz
>> Pentium, or at least a PCI bus 486.
>The problem is that these are all too quick to use with the buggiest
>Sierra game ever: Quest for Glory IV. Which is why I'm going for a slow

You could always try clocking a faster system to a lower rate, though - just
wire up something so you can choose the clock speed you want before booting. If
whatever audio setup you have gets its timing from the main system clock then
you're out of luck as all the audio would sound wrong, but I image they all
have their own on-board timing.

I remember booting an old 486 at around 3MHz once, just to see if it would
work. It did (took about ten minutes to boot!) but the beep on startup lasted
for about a minute :-)



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