ScanSet Temat HE 415-B ????

From: Cord G. Coslor - Archive Software <>
Date: Thu Jan 9 12:53:50 2003

Hello ~

I am new to this list and have found an item that I need some help with.
Well.... I kind of am new.... I've been away from the list (and collecting
classics) for several years (4?) doing other endeavors, but am ready to dust
off the old classics and get back into the hobby. I basically specialize in
the old 8-bits, game consoles, etc., and currently have about 300 different

Anyway, at a "flea market" I came across a yellowish-tan cased integrated
keyboard/monitor unit, with the appearance of being late 70s vintage. The
monitor was probably 7 inches wide, and the keyboard was pretty laid out
pretty tightly. A compact unit overall. No disk drives, etc....

Upon further review, I found it is called a Scanset -- model HE 415-B -- and
apparently was made by TEMAT.

I have been unable to find any additional information on this computer. Can
any of you help?


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