Woohoo! What a find!

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Jan 9 16:06:00 2003

--- Adrian Vickers <avickers_at_solutionengineers.com> wrote:
> Today, I picked up (for just the cost of petrol getting there :) a Mator
> Shark hard-drive for CBM PETs. All 22meg of it! And it WORKS!

Slick! Never heard of one. I've had a C= D9090 and D9060 for years,
but that's 7.5MB or 5.0MB (TM603S or TM602S) and DOS 3.0. Wonder what
you can turn up in the way of docs/etc. One thing that might be
nice, if you are up to the effort, would be to dump the ROMs to
funet. There's a nice collection of schematics and firmware that's
very handy for repair and general understanding of C= hardware.

> Sounds like a jet engine when you turn it on, and it's about the size of
> Texas, but waaay cool :)

5.25" FH drive mech? At 22MB, I'd almost expect an ST225 in there, but
that one probably isn't loud enough (unless the bearings are about
to go ;-)
> Also got a flakey 3032 - I think there's a ROM problem, as it displays a
> line from the monitor (debug monitor, that is) with a wildly-flashing
> cursor, and no k/b input accepted. Of course, the latter may be due to
> just a dodgy keyboard, so this one looks like a bit of a project job.

The keyboard itself is a passive matrix scanned in software 60 (or
50) times a second. Most of a PIA is devoted to the keyboard. Even
a stuck bit won't produce the effect you describe.

Might be a bad 40-pin chip (6520 or 6522) or just dirty sockets. I
have a 32K 2001-N (American version of the 3032) in a similar state.
Given what I've swapped out, I'm confident that it's not bad silicon.
I'm up for removing all the 40 pin sockets next (since I found some
40-pin machined pin sockets). This is my first-ever PET (and second
computer), so I don't mind a little work to keep it functional. Besides,
I have plenty of 8032s, but lots of software that won't run under
BASIC 4.0.

If the 40 pin sockets don't take care of the problem, I'll probably
replace the ROM sockets next.


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