Amstrad PPC640 part 2 (bootdisk)

From: No Junk Mail <>
Date: Thu Jan 9 18:03:00 2003

Thanks for the help with the power supply for the Amstrad. I've picked up a nice unit that, while heavy, appears to be made for the computer it's so perfectly matched. Was that plug, that polarity, that voltage and that current a fairly common choice for a while?

Anyway, I made a boot disk using Win98SE and the Amstrad really doesn't like it (can't blame it) -- crashes on boot. Can anyone supply an image of a boot disk known to work on the Amstrad? krishaven *aT* spamcop *dOt* net. TIA.

BTW: It complains about setting the time and a dead battery before looking for a system disk. Does anyone know if its expecting me to buy 10 C cell batteries or if it's referring to an internal battery of some kind?

Chris J.

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