Amstrad PPC640 part 2 (bootdisk)

From: No Junk Mail <>
Date: Thu Jan 9 19:18:01 2003

> Remember that the Amstrad ppc640 is a PC XT clone with double density
> (not high density) floppy drives.

Knew that.

> It should boot any old version of
> DOS after about 3.3, so long as it's on the proper floppy.

I fear that a Win98SE boot floppy is expecting at least a little extended memory. I've just created a PC DOS boot disk using a Ghost tool.

> things can be tricky to find these days though.

Salvaged a bunch from another IT officer doing a clean out.

> If you can still
> download DR.DOS 7, I know that works, since I've used it on mine.

How did you make a 720 boot disk? Did you find a 720k image or did you make 1.44s, boot a suffciently old PC and create a 720 using format /s?

> Otherwise I'd be tempted to try FreeDOS.

Seems to only be an ISO CD image!

> I'm in the same position,
> though, I don't have any way of making low density 3.5 inch boot
> disks
> for PCs anymore (unless I get busy and put my old PC back together).

Surreal. I just tried to format a 720 in my new WinXP portable and the size wasn't even a option. And when I did it through the GUI under 2000 the anti-virus scanner had a fit. Finally had to format it using the CLI *and* I had to explicitly unmount it first to get the anti-virus software to let go.

Thanks Jim,

Chris J.
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