Help with pricing on vintage computers?

From: Eric Chomko <>
Date: Thu Jan 9 21:37:00 2003

John Allain wrote:

> > I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a
> > resource, like Kelley Blue Book sort of, for vintage
> > computer pricing?
> There's Mike Nadeau and Sellam Ismael's "real"
> book on the subject, wherever it is.
> - - -
> As with all collectors things, pricing is:
> 1/ too high if you don't shop around
> 2/ nearly zero if you have gobs of time to
> look everywhere, and time is costly.

Do not forget that price also depends on if you are buying
or selling. What good would a decent selling price be if
no one was willing to buy it at a decent price?

It goes back to resale vs. wholesale. The best example of
this I saw in the coin collecting market. Dealers were
selling all types of silver dollar varieties based upon
different minting dies. But when you tried to get a decent
price when selling those same varieties to them they ignored
the distinctions and wanted to pay standard wholesale
prices for those same "rare" varieties.

Granted deals can be had and computer collecting is fun.
But anyone trying to make a buck as a middleman buying
and selling old computers is going to end up with loads
of hardware that will just sit.


> - - -
> Spend 2 hours a week on eBay category 1247
> or the search engine to know their prices for whatever
> it is that you want.
> John A.
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