Original IBM portable/lug'ble PC, suit case size - IBM's res

From: philip_at_awale.qc.ca <(philip_at_awale.qc.ca)>
Date: Thu Jan 9 22:30:58 2003

On 08-Jan-2003 Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:
> Although the composite video is nice, I prefer the EGA in the Compaq
> (requires replacing the CGA board with COMPAQ's EGA), and the Compaq
> case doesn't have drives blocking access to most of the expansion slots.

Such a thing exists? Output goes to the built-in CRT? If so, I must hunt
one down.

I have 2 compaq "portables" and an expantion chasis. Used them for a
longish while as "portable" serial consoles. The fact they work at >1440
baud is great when working with headless linux servers.

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