Amstrad PPC640 part 2 (bootdisk)

From: No Junk Mail <>
Date: Fri Jan 10 01:26:01 2003

> > Surreal. I just tried to format a 720 in my new WinXP portable and
> > the size wasn't even a option.
> Weird. You should be able to format a 720 in any 1.44 meg floppy
> drive, if memory serves they were designed to be backward compatible
> like that.

I know.

> As for what software to run on the thing...

I've remembered that I've got an old Night Owl CD around somewhere (I bought about 3 but I know I've lost at least one) that should have *something* interesting.

> like ip packet drivers and parallel port ethernet adapters, mostly
> because I don't own any such adapters.

There's an interesting text mode Internet suite that was particularly useful to HP200XL users that I might be able to have some fun with. Can't remember if it needs a shell account though.

> I have this machine now
> mostly
> because I lusted after them badly when they started to show up in the
> computer catalogs of the day as they went on clearance for about
> $200.

I remember thinking that these were the coolest portables ever. Mind you, I had been using a Kaypro 4 for a number of years beforehand, so *anything* looked sexier.
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