Amstrad PPC640 part 2 (bootdisk)

From: Wayne M. Smith <>
Date: Fri Jan 10 02:17:00 2003

Jim Strickland wrote:
> Remember that the Amstrad ppc640 is a PC XT clone with double density
> (not high density) floppy drives. It should boot any old version of
> DOS after about 3.3, so long as it's on the proper floppy. These
> things can be tricky to find these days though. If you can still
> download DR.DOS 7, I know that works, since I've used it on mine.
> Otherwise I'd be tempted to try FreeDOS. I'm in the same position,
> though, I don't have any way of making low density 3.5 inch boot disks
> for PCs anymore (unless I get busy and put my old PC back together).
I've used a PPC640 before - the drive will read 3.5" HD disks if you
the density select hole on the disk, reformat it to 720k and then SYS C:
it. MSDOS 5 works great on PPCs. DR-DOS 7 works on anything :-)

I believe this is the IBM ftp site:
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