Help with pricing on vintage computers?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Jan 10 06:30:01 2003

> I am new to the list and really love it already. I was wondering if anyone
> knew if there was a resource, like Kelley Blue Book sort of, for vintage
> computer pricing? I have several to sell and several I would like to get,
> but I have no idea what to ask or expect to pay for them (or even if they
> are collectible for that matter LOL). Any help would be appreciated. I am
> not looking for a book per se, but some place (a website maybe?) to get some
> ball park figures.

I strongly recomend Michael Nadeaus book.
(Ups. I just see he put parts of the mail I sent ...)
Anyway. The book is by far the best I've seen. There
are always some points to argue, but I couldn't find
some real wrongs, and I would have a hard time to come
up with something better (as much as to recognize this
hurts my ego). The named prices are as always disputable,
and a bit on the high side in my opinion, but takeing
Lucky eBay sales into account valid. As always, a price
is what a seller and buyer agrees on, not what's listed
in a book. Considering this they are helpfull as a rough
gudeline to reduce overboarding expectations.


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