Mentec Hobbyist plans?

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Fri Jan 10 15:12:00 2003

Bill Bradford wrote:

>Anybody know if Mentec ( has just
>dropped their hobbyist licensing/cdrom plans?

Not likely, as they have just announced on the comp.os.vms newsgroup
the availability of the VAX-VMS CD's.

>The OpenVMS VAX Hobbyist Kits have been remastered, and are scheduled
>to begin shipping Jan 20th once we get them back from manufacturing.
>The new OpenVMS VAX Hobbyist Kits have been remastered with the latest
>O/S and current versions of selected Layered Products. We're now
>accepting orders for the new kit from the OpenVMS Hobbyist Web Site at
>The disk contents are:
>OpenVMS V7.3 DECWindows 1.2.6 (Motif)
>DECnet Phase IV DECnet OSI Phase V
>TCPIP V5.1 Kerberos VAX V1.0
>BASIC V3.9 Compaq C V6.4
>Compaq FORTRAN V6.6 Pascal V5.8
>DCPS V2.0 DECSet V12.4
>Datatrieve V7.2
>- David L. Cathey
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