Old (5.25") PC software

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Date: Fri Jan 10 18:33:00 2003

Hi All,

I recently salved a whole bunch of original (PC) 5.25" disks for assorted
business and education-oriented software.

One product that featured highly and looks like the sort of thing people
might still be using is Xilinx's Xact. A huge number of disks -- looks
like lots of incremental updates. Some are still sealed in
plastic. Anyone want?

Other titles of note include:

Lotus 123
Ventura Publisher
Project Scheduler 5
Persona Logican
Da Vinci eMail
Softerm PC
Compaq MS-DOS 3.31
R&R Report Writer

Heaps of Microsoft stuff too. And some Nortons stuff I'm keeping.

Some disks have useful things such as serial numbers on them.

Given that I'm in Australia anyone who can convince me they're a good home
;) can have them for the cost of postage + a few percent to cope with
PayPal fees.

KrisHaven {at} SpamCop {dOt} Net

Chris J.
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