From: Michael Davidson <michael_davidson_at_pacbell.net>
Date: Sat Jan 11 11:58:04 2003

I tried to track down a source for the DC003 a couple of years
ago and came up with nothing. There are/were a few web sites which
listed the DC003 but nobody really seemed to have any.

Much as I hate to suggest this, if you *really* need a DC003 (to
repair a board, for example) about your only option is to remove
one from another board.

If memory serves, a DLV11J 4 port async serial interface would be
a good place to look since they are not particularly hard to find
and I *think* (sorry, I don't have one I can look at right now)
they have 4 DC003 chips on them.

Be aware that removing chips that are soldered to an existing board
without damaging them will almost certainly involve at least one of
the following:

- access to and expertise in using professional desoldering equipment
- destroying the board

Michael Davidson

Andrew Rodriguez wrote:

> Hello Greg,
> I was looking for a DC003 Interrupt logic Chip and found your
> information on a website. What I need is to know where I can find
> these chips and who to call. Any information will be greatly
> appreciated. My information is below so if you can email me or call
> me, please let me know.
> Thank you
> Andrew Rodriguez
> Classic Components
> 23605 Telo Ave
> Torrance, CA 90505
> 310 539 5500 xt 317
> 310 539 4500 Fax
> www.class-ic.com <http://www.class-ic.com>
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