Old machine photos

From: Nick and Lori <nickandlori_at_charter.net>
Date: Sat Jan 11 15:56:01 2003

I like to take photos of my systems at the highest resolution supported by
my camera (4 MP). If I need to email or post the photo I can come up with a
reduced quality/resolution jpeg with any number of photo editing tools.
Don't rely on your camera's flash to provide lighting either, you will get
all kinds of stray reflections. I like to set up a few lamps and also take
advantage of any natural light. I would also take photos from all
directions and definitely take several of the insides. You'll want to get
photos of the motherboard, cards, power supply and any other interesting
details. I can usually make out chip markings and motherboard part numbers
on the photos I take. The photos will come in handy down the road after
you've forgotten what's in the machine.

Hope this helps,
Nick Miller

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Subject: Old machine photos

> I've finally purchased a digital camera!
> Any recommendations on photographing machines?
> resolution, size, positions - front, back, inside, screen shots?
> I was thinking of starting with the machines I'm currently working on
> (cromemco system 3, AS400 9404, and Commodore SP9000) and then move
> the collection as time and web space permit.
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