DEC PDP-8 Paper Tapes? What are these?

From: Dave <>
Date: Sat Jan 11 16:59:00 2003

I have some of the paper tapes too with Digital Equipment Corp on them.
Mine also have various tests on them and some say Basic. However mine are
not in spools--mine are folded over on top of each other like 8 inches long
before being folded back on itself and then they are stored in a fancy blue
case where you slide each folded stack into. I am trying to figure out if
these are any good to anybody or whether they are only good on one specific
system. Can someone help me out here. I am pretty sure they are from a
large DEC computer used in a university in the 1960s and 1970s becuase the
dates on them are from 1965 to 1978.


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> Subject: DEC PDP-8 Paper Tapes?
> I picked up a bunch of unknown paper tapes last week. I was
> sorting through them today and found several tapes that have
> "Digital Equipment Corporation Programmed Data Processor"
> printer along the length of them. The label on one of them also
> says "Memory CKR BRD (LOW)", "Memory CKR BRD (HIGH)", "Memory
> ADDR BRD (LOW)", "Memory ADDR BRD (HIGH)". That one also has
> "PDP-8" written on it in pencil. So I'm guessing that these are
> all for the PDP-8. The tapes are marked variously "DB3", "DB4
> SIMAT #1 3 SW TEST", "PAL III", "Combined BB#51, INT #15, CORR
> #21 and Patches 1-11". Does anyone know what these titles mean?
> All of the tapes are on blue plastic spools that are 4 inches
> in diameter and 1 1/4 inch thick. Each spool has a removable blue
> plastic cylinder (with one end closed) that slips over it. In the
> center of the spools are white plastic inserts with a hole and
> three radial drive slots. The covers are marked "Reel-Dex Part
> No. 30" and "Numeridex Incorporated Wheeling, Illinois 60090".
> It's pretty obvious that the spools are made to be used directly
> in a PT reader. But does anyone know what kind?
> Joe
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