DOS 3.20

From: Ed Tillman <>
Date: Sat Jan 11 21:33:01 2003

I believe DOS 3.20 is what I was looking for. It came as original software
for a Packard Bell 386/12T (don't remember the specific model name), and I
used the accompanying book to teach myself DOS programming -- back in
1991... The system had dual floppies (both sizes), a small hard drive, no
sound except for the system speaker, and one of the first mass production
.25 dpi monitors. I paid through the nose for the system at the time, but
I'd likely give an arm and a leg for that old DOS manual...



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> On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Ed Tillman wrote:
> > I dunno about these, but would anyone happen to have a copy of DOS 2.x
> > 3.x (2.3 and/or 3.2 maybe) on 3.5 disks, nd with the accompanying user
> > book? Some of the information in those old texts is still applicable,
> > can't be found anywhere...
> There ain't no sech thing as 2.3
> 2.xx was only available with 3.5" support in specially modified versions
> for certain specific brands of machines (usually in version 2.11). Even
> the disk format isn't standardized on those.
> 3.20 (internally it thinks that it is three point twenty, NOT two), is the
> first version that includes 3.5" support (720K) without special machine
> specific modifications.
> 2.11 and 3.31 are only available in versions that were intended for
> specific machines. 'Course in most cases, the only thing that is
> different is the code in MODE.COM, and sometimes FORMAT.
> If you have a machine with specific peculiarities, 3.31 is the hot setup.
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