Old machine photos

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Sat Jan 11 23:30:00 2003

>I didn't know
>about the "WB" setting (forgot what it stands for)

White Balance

>it sets the camera for
>different lighting temperatures (indoor, bright sunlight, indirect sunlight,
>flast) and that does make a difference (the color in the images above is a
>bit off since I didn't know about them with I took the pictures)

One thing you can try if you find you change to the correct preset and
the color is still off... hold a stark white board or peice of paper in
front of the camera (filling the entire image area, but back far enough
to allow lighting), then switch to the setting you want to use.

In the past (and on higher quality cameras), that is the correct way to
set a white balance. However on most of today's consumer grade cameras,
they have moved to either an entirely automatic white balance, or one
like you seem to have with a few preset options. On some of the preset
versions, it does a quick sample when moved to the setting, and adjusts
from there. So holding a white image in front of it will help it adjust
to a true white (and then, some don't do any sampling or adjusting, and
doing this will do nothing at all).

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