CDC Cyber mainframe emulation

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Date: Sun Jan 12 01:45:00 2003


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Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 14:04:24 +0800
From: Tom Hunter <>
Subject: CDC Cyber mainframe emulation


I have written a free emulator for a CDC Cyber mainframe and a set of typical
peripherals. The software is written in plain C and currently runs on Win98/NT
and various UNIX platforms. I have released both source and binary. If you
think this is of interest, please visit my web site where you can download a
ZIP archive of the sources, a Win32 binary and the Chippewa OS (handcoded in
octal by Seymour Cray).

My web site is:

If you have any CDC Cyber related software tapes, could you please send me a
list of what you have. Top on my wanted list would be SMM sources matching and
binaries. SMM is a system diagnostic which would help finding any remaining
problems in the emulation.

Best regards from Australia

Tom Hunter

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