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Date: Sun Jan 12 03:42:01 2003

On Jan 12, 2:43, Adrian Vickers wrote:

> If you found the above boring, then please don't read it. Thankyou.


> And now, some questions:
> 1) Is it actually possible to copy files from one unit (i.e. diskdrive)
> another (i.e. Shark)? The COPY command can't (it even says so in the
> manual), and I guess it's understandable given that most people would
> had a dual drive unit, and maybe a tape deck, but little else with their

I thought I'd done that, but possibly with some special program in the PET.

> 2) Does anyone know anything about the "Interpod" IEEE-->Serial thing? I

Dunno, sorry.

> 3) Does *anyone* make DIN plugs which don't melt if you bring a soldering
> iron within 5ft of them?

A useful trick is to use a potato. First, strip and tin the wires, and
trim to length (short). Stick the miniDIN in the potato, re-tin the pins
if it looks like solder might not stick to them instantly. Apply the
wires, one at a time, with just a touch of the soldering iron, using the
solder already on the pins and wires to make the joint. The potato makes a
good heatsink. If you don't have a potato, try a crisp apple, or a miniDIN
socket (which will at least prevent the pins becoming seriously

> 4) Where's my coffee?

In the cupboard above percolator, ready for the next time you visit, of

> That's all folks! Now I've verified the Shark is in pretty sound
> I'll try taking some decent photos of it, inside & out.

Sounds like a bit of a marathon! Well done for persevering, though.

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