Tektronics DAS 9000

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Sun Jan 12 12:08:00 2003

   Do you mean DAS 9100? If so, it's a modular mainframe that can be used to house a wide variety of cards. I know they make several different logic analyzer cards and several different pattern generator cards for it and I think they make other cards but I'm not familar with the others. Some of the 9100s have a color screen and are quite nice. Depending on the cards, it might be a VERY usefull item. I THINK I have the Tek catalog for the 9100. Post the card numbers and I'll try to look them up. The numbers are usually printed on the back of the chassis. The presense of the appropriate cables should be a major factor in weather you should buy it or not. Like a lot of test equipment, the cables can cost more than the unit is worth. If there are no cables I wouldn't give more than $5 to $10 for it and then only if I needed it for something. Beware, the 9100s are big and heavy! Due to their size and weight these usually go cheap on E-bay so don't pay more than $50 to $100 for it INCLUDING the cables.


At 12:59 AM 1/12/03 -0600, you wrote:
> What is it? Looks like a portable terminal of some kind. It is for
>sale at what I think is a tourist price and the dealer won't even pull
>it off the shelf till he sees money.
> Do I want it? ;)
> Doc
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