More DEC board for trade/sale

From: Norm & Beth Anheier <>
Date: Sun Jan 12 14:56:01 2003

Hi, I have a bunch of DEC boards that need a good home.

I don't know the functionality of these DEC
boards. They appear to be in good shape. The description info is what I
got of the internet. Let me know if any of these are interesting and we
will go from there. I am mostly interested in trading for old
microprocessors for my collection.


Here's my DEC board list.
M7095 KD11-Z U 11/44 control module

M7096 KD11-Z U 11/44 multifunction module

M7097 KK11-B U 11/44 4-Kword cache module

M7098 KD11-Z U 11/44 UNIBUS interface

M8192 KDJ11-AA Q LSI-11/73 CPU, 8-Kbyte cache, not FPJ11-AA (The
DEC cpu chip not supplied with this board).

M7900 RK611 U RK06/07 Unibus interface, hex

M7901 RK611 U RK06/07 register module, hex

M7902 RK611 U RK06/07 control module, hex

M7903 RK611 U RK06/07 data module, hex

M7904 RK611 U RK06/07 drive interface module, hex

M7651 DRV1W-S Q General-Purpose DMA Interface?

M7255 RK11-D U RK05 disk control module

M7256 RK11-D U RK05 registers module (data path)

M7257 RK11-D U RK05 bus control module

M8200-YA DMC11-R U 1-line sync DDCMP microprocessor with 1K
control/ ROM (point-to-point, used with M8201).

M8201 DMC11 U 1-line sync DDCMP DMA, EIA & V35 line board

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