Toshiba 3100/20

From: trash can <>
Date: Sun Jan 12 17:28:12 2003

You wrote...

I have two Toshiba 3100/20 plasma display 286 systems.
 Both working except
that one has a dead hard drive. Excellent condition.
 Have the schematics
and service manual, user docs, software.

Anybody want them?


...Do you still have them? My friend has one of these
beasts, sadly without docs or software. It won't get
past some CMOS errors and the HDD fails. It doesn't
appear to boot from floppy either, at least it doesn't
make any noise! We decided to strip the drive out to
mount it from another computer and get the software my
friend needs from the drive. We carefully took it
apart only to find that the HDD has a 26-pin interface
that isn't compatible with IDE.
If you still have the manual, could you do me a favour
tell me if it is possible to boot this machine from
its FDD?
Where are you located? I am located in the UK.



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