NextCube --- Take it or leave it?

From: J.C.Wren <>
Date: Sun Jan 12 18:59:01 2003

    I have an opportunity to trade a ThinkPad laptop straight across for a
N1000 NextCube, complete with monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. The unit is in
good shape, and functions. I haven't had a lot of time to do research, so I
thought I'd ask the experts. Is this worth messing with? The laptop has
little value to me, and the shipping on the monitor (from Denver to Atlanta)
could be a tad painful. I'm not hurting for a NextCube, but it might be an
interesting item to toss in the warehouse until I get a house again.

    The alternative is if there is a enough interest in the NextCube, I
would probably use as collateral in a trade for 1802 based gear, or perhaps
some S-100 (I recently acquired a SOL-20, and I'm thinking of looking for a
Tarbell DSDD controller to use in it, to talk to the two Qume DataTrak-8s
that are on my IMSAI).

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