An original Compaq "portable"

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Sun Jan 12 20:15:01 2003

On Sunday, January 12, 2003, Wayne M. Smith wrote:
> I'll miss the little HTML heart in her pink signature. It added a gentle
> touch that is so often missing from this list.

Oh, I don't think you'll lose too much sleep. Here's that person's last
message to me:

> ALSO, F--K U
> Y

That was in reply to my message to him/her:

> I have removed your subscription to ClassicCmp.
> Please be aware in the future that it is *very* bad netiquette to post
> administrative requests to a mailing list. People who subscribe to the
> list have better things to do than read subscribe/unsubscribe requests. If
> you join Internet mailing list discussion groups in the future, please be
> aware that each one has a separate address for administrative requests.
> This knowledge will save you a headache or two.
> For further information on netiquette, please see:

YA AOL luser. LART, anyone?

Jeffrey Sharp
Received on Sun Jan 12 2003 - 20:15:01 GMT

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