Anybody need some RL02s?

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Sun Jan 12 20:47:14 2003

I got a mail from a person in Houston who has an 11/44 they needed to get
rid of... but their u-haul truck fell through, and they had to haul it
up here to Austin in batches, in their car.

Tonight I got the first part of the batch - which ended up being a pair of
RL02 drives, and a MINC-11!


Anybody need the RL02s? Right now, I'm concentrating mostly on getting
all this documentation organized and scanned (finally!) and just messing
around with smaller systems. So, I dont have space for the RL02s, although
I'll be using that enclosure to rackmount some other equipment. Next week
(hopefully), he'll be bringing up the 11/44 if weather and time permits.

Therefore, two free RL02s. Must be picked up in Austin, Texas.

I *might* have a disk pack for one of them around somewhere as well;
need to dig.

Megan Gentry - please email me your postal address again; I have a huge
box of print sets and paper tapes to send your way.

Email me if interested..


bill bradford
austin, texas
Received on Sun Jan 12 2003 - 20:47:14 GMT

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