scanning notes (was RE: VAX 11/780 /750 Diagnostics - new project)

From: chris <>
Date: Sun Jan 12 21:36:01 2003

>> Do you have any tips for scanning books? Such as resolution, color
>> settings, etc...

And to go one step further... recommendations for what hardware people
use for scanning? I am thinking about undertaking some manual archiving.
Mostly so I can get rid of manuals that I no longer need, but might want
to reference once again some day in the future.

I was thinking of using an old HP OfficeJet all in one
Fax/Scanner/Printer for the task. I figured that way I could drop a dozen
pages on it at a time. I don't have a sheet feeder for any of my flatbed

Would something like this work for the task? Or am I better off locating
a cheap used sheet feeder for a flat bed scanner.

In the long run I figure I will save to PDF... but with how cheap CDs
are, I will most likely keep the interm scanned image as well, and just
make the PDF more for easy quick access to the pages.

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