Update: BBC Acorn

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Sun Jan 12 21:58:07 2003

At 12:58 AM 1/12/03 +0000, Rob wrote:
>FWIW, View is a word processor.
>Acorn OS
>Acorn DFS
> >
>is exactly correct - you are in basic now. If you can get keyboard

   Got it working about three hours ago. Since then I've been reading the docs (online) and trying out everything. It's very different from most US computers and the keyboard layout is STRANGE!

you can key *HELP for a list of installed ROMs, and other
>accessible system commands.

   Cool! Thanks for the tip. I tried it and got:

    DFS 1.00

    NFS 3.40

    View A2.1

    OS A1.0

>I recently sold an American beeb that had been converted back to British
>specs. Interesting piece. I've also got a German one (also with a dodgy
>PSU) that is pretty much the same. The "normal" British ones didn't have
>any of the heavy metal screening around the case.

    Any idea how many were exported to the US or how many were re-imported to the UK?

>Oh, newbie list member here (thanks to the slashdot article).

   Oh, well welcome to the list. What kind of stuff are you interested in?

>The PDP talk makes me want to kick my boss - he chucked two PDP11/23 clones
>(but original boards inside) on the tip last year, as well as sone S100
>machine. I knew they'd have been worth something, but he's something of a
>chuck-out maniac.

   We all have stories like that to tell :-/

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