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From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Mon Jan 13 03:32:00 2003

>Do you have any tips for scanning books? Such as resolution,
>color settings, etc...

For most manuals 600dpi 1-bit (i.e. black and white) to
G4 encoded TIFF and then wrapped up in PDF will do nicely.
300 dpi will probably do as well but I used 600dpi in
the hope that future OCR technology will have a
happier time with it. The G4 encoding just gets the size
down even more and is not absolutely necessary.

If colour is involved then page size shoots up. I've not
yet found a good way of doing these. For some manuals the
colour does not matter too much and those I've scanned
in B&W. Where it did matter, I've tried OCRing the
colour pages. This is obviously fairly time consuming.

JPEG gets the page size down quite a bit but its effects
on text are really quite bad.

As for scanning books (that cannot be easily and reversibly
dismantled) then you'll have to experiment. I found that
scanning two pages at once (i.e. opening out flat and
scanning) worked reasonably well. Post processing into
LH and RH pages and stitching together was reasonably easy
to semi-automate.


Antonio Carlini   
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