DOS 1.0

From: Feldman, Robert <>
Date: Mon Jan 13 12:37:25 2003

Those binders usually had useful information in them. And at least there was
printed documentation, as opposed to today.

As to the software, I wold hardly call it "infantile." Limited, perhaps. But
remember what programs such as WordStar ran under (64KB RAM for CP/M and
program code). I had WordStar on one 90KB SSSD disk on my Osborne 1, and
could put 20 pages of text on another disk, and do real work. SuperCalc came
on another 90KB disk. Try to do that with MS bloatware.

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In the '80s, almost everything came in small, tabbed 3-ring binders, and
were all quite funny to read! :) Does anyone remember Peach Text, Peach
Calc, WordStar or any of the other infantile office software? They all had


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