HP9000 Workstations

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>Please forgive my ignorance in this respect, but are HP9000 series 300 and
700 workstations considered classic computers yet. The ones I'm thinking of
were new around about 1992, and are pretty well complete - although the
owner can't get them to boot now. You might have seen my list of stuff I
posted here last week - same stuff.

The list used to concentrate on stuff older than 10 years old, so you're OK.
I've got a 9000-400 (I think) in a cupboard somewhere, but the only reason I
got it was it came with a multisync 19" monitor which was summat I didn't
have in 2000 :) Pity it got damaged when I was crashed into whilst driving
home and I still haven't got round to fixing it yet. If anyone wants it they
can have it. There's a v.poor 'taken-with-old-digital-camera-in-poor-light'
picture of it here: http://www.binarydinosaurs.co.uk/Museum/hp/hpapollo.jpg.

>Are they desirable at all - or just old boxes? The lack of interest might
have been because I stated thet they were uk based, do any other Brits
subscribe to this list?

It's just a box to me; like I say, I picked it up because of the monitor.
There's maybe half a dozen of us who are active posters and who knows how
many lurkers.....


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