IBM system 3 Re: PDP-12 on eBay (IBM 650 on ebay)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Mon Jan 13 13:40:00 2003

Yeah, got another horror story. I traded an apple II+ to my college comp sci
instructor for a complete microdata M1600 reality system, and a Data General
Nova 3 cpu only. I kept the M1600 for a few years, it served me well as to
future employment. But I looked at the Nova 3 cpu sitting in a box a few
days later and decided it was junk and pitched it. Yes, I deserve to be
beaten :\ And even worse, I let that beautiful M1600 get pitched later...
and it had a wooden front panel! GRRRR Ok, time to go get a memory block,
I'd rather not remember these things.

Jay West

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