PDP-12 on eBay

From: Kevin Handy <kth_at_srv.net>
Date: Mon Jan 13 14:11:01 2003

ben franchuk wrote:

> Dennis Eldridge wrote:
>> You know you're (I'm) a geek when you're interested in buying CD's
>> with high
>> rez pix of naked computers <grin>.
> Well I am not a geek, because I'll take a sexy naked operator with a
> pile of naked computers. (grin)

You really want naked pictures of some old guy changing tapes?

> I think the reason I like the older computers is both the hardware
> and software were more accessable than todays computers. Back then
> the user/operator could do something to fix or use a computer rather
> calling some tech-support to find out you need to buy the latest
> bloat-ware 2000.
> Ben.
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