IBM system 3

From: Bill Allen Jr <>
Date: Mon Jan 13 21:30:17 2003

Oh yeah,

there are other stories concerning left behind comps.

ironic though, i listen to a satellite hobbiest radio
network ( and thier playing the blues as
i am writing this.

while working security at a local plant, the managers
were so used to my scrounging that they usually told
me about new stuff in the scrap bin during my break.

so as usual, when hearing about "some computer stuff
in the bin" i go out to it expecting more plc stuff
(joy, more westinghouse pc-1100's to add to my

i look into the bin and find two boxes with non
standard port/ connectors on it marked "four phase

i was about to load them into my car - when i thought
why, i'll never find anything more for this comp
no docs or hd's,printer etc.

it turns out that i left 460/470 cpu's go for scrap!

next week - same story but these are still on the
loading dock - yep my jaw about hit the floor when i
found a rack with the hd,diablo disc
drive,comms,printer and terminals next to the rack and
a box of spare cards for both cpu's aggghhhhh!

i still have that half of the system.

but wait it get's better!! last week - i call the
local retired ibm c.e. and we start talking about old
comps when i bring up the rare four phase stuff.

yep he said it - "wow i just threw a complete system
470 away last year" - doh!!!!!!

of all the systems i have passed up - the iv-70 is the
one that haunts me the most - so close yet so far.

someday - i may find the cpu's, or part with the half
that i have (no, not scrap but trade or give away).

one note - i am glad that the VCF does have a complete
four phase system 470 perserved - that fact alone
help's me sleep at night when i remember my mistake of
leaving the cpu's in the scrapper.


Message: 5
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 13:44:33 -0500 (EST)
From: William Donzelli
Subject: Re: IBM system 3 Re: PDP-12 on eBay (IBM 650
on ebay)

> I curse this day --> Back in college (many years
ago, about 1983, before I
> got into collecting), I went to the apartment of a
fellow compsci major to
> quell some beer. In the middle of his living room
was a complete IBM system
> 3, in perfectly mint condition. He told me I could
have it if I could get it
> out of there. Idiot me said "You gotta be kidding -
no thanks". *SIGH*

This seems to be a good test to see if you are an
official old-timer in
the computer collecting hobby - passing up a free
machine that today
people would kill for.

I have been there, many times (IBM, Amdahl, DG). How
about others?

William Donzelli


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