An original Compaq "portable"

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Mon Jan 13 22:28:00 2003

On Monday, January 13, 2003, wrote:
> > YA AOL luser. LART, anyone?
> You owe me and other decent AOL users on the list an apology. This is
> arrogance pure and simple Mr. high and mighty "subatomix" user.

I already posted this:

> It isn't the first time, and it isn't the last time. ISTR there are
> several very respectable list members who are subscribed with an AOL
> address. Not all AOLers are lusers, but people like the one above
> certainly don't help kill the stereotype. Sigh.

I apologize for my remark.

Subatomix is neither high nor mighty. It's just my vanity domain.

Jeffrey Sharp
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