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From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Mon Jan 13 23:07:00 2003

> More than that, IBM destroyed a lot of trade-ins and off-lease
> hardware, in order to keep the new market up. They _say_ they no longer
> do so.

Burroughs and Univac were the ones that pulled this stunt, mostly. IBM
did as well, but not nearly as much.

Here is a thought - with all of these theories shooting around about why
minicomputers are so popular - why do DGs and HPs not get the attention
that DECs do? Sure, their market share was smaller (I recall on average,
DG sold only one machine per DEC's five, and HP was maybe a little worse),
but their following today is tiny. What do we have on this list - maybe a
half dozen each of serious DG and HP nuts? Compared to scores of DECnuts?

Once again, just an observation, and not really a slam on DEC.

William Donzelli
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