Help with pricing on EPay

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Jan 14 00:01:23 2003

 I buy and occasionally sell on EPay. Since I am out in
the boonies now, I no longer have the luxury of a great
curbside, dumpster, yardsale, or thrift-shop finds.

 While despite this, I did retrieve 2 DEC Pros from the
town dump, and a complete Adam system, in the last 1
1/2 years here, and found a local salvager that gobbled
up the remains of a government department that was
closed down, there is very little available locally. It
becomes a challenge to acquire even parts for your
existing collection.

 From my perspective EPay serves a valuable function,
and there are many of us far from urban centers. A recent
request for Vax parts from a person. unexpectantly, in
rural Alberta (Saskatchewan ?) drove that home to me,
and it is true whether you're one of our strange breed,
in India, Africa, or the Austalasia regions.

 One of my main beefs are the number of sellers in the US
who restrict the volume of bids by refusing to ship to
anywhere outside own their limited vision of the world.
Either thru fear of unknown extra efforts, (which for the
most part are minimal) or even ignoring the "will ship to"
section. I routinely respond to something I'm interested
in with "will you not ship to Canada" and the answer is
almost invariably yes. They simply did the default form.

 Most Canadians are aware of this frustrating US national
jingoism and rarely (never ?) do you find them posting
similiar restrictions on sales because they know it simply
involves filling out a small slip at the post office.

 The problems with the commercial shippers like UPS is a
different number, and while it may work well in-country is
a disaster outside. Similarly where I live, we pick up at
the local post office so those who won't ship to a PO box
are city dwellers who don't realise the realities outside the
urban centers. Street addresses don't mean much here.


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