Help with pricing on EPay

From: No Junk Mail <>
Date: Tue Jan 14 01:08:00 2003

> One of my main beefs are the number of sellers in the US
> who restrict the volume of bids by refusing to ship to
> anywhere outside own their limited vision of the world.
> Either thru fear of unknown extra efforts, (which for the
> most part are minimal) or even ignoring the "will ship to"
> section.

My pet hate is people that charge 50% to 100% more postage to ship from the US to Australia than it actually costs. I have been gouged, *over*charged, an amount almost equal to the cost of the item before now. That is to say that on a US$25 item I might be charged US$35 postage, but it's only cost US$18 for them to post.

I've walked away from purchases where postage costs have been this disproportionally high.

Chris J.
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