Help with pricing on EPay

From: chris <>
Date: Tue Jan 14 09:30:01 2003

> One of my main beefs are the number of sellers in the US
>who restrict the volume of bids by refusing to ship to
>anywhere outside own their limited vision of the world.
>Either thru fear of unknown extra efforts, (which for the
>most part are minimal) or even ignoring the "will ship to"
>section. I routinely respond to something I'm interested
>in with "will you not ship to Canada" and the answer is
>almost invariably yes. They simply did the default form.

You'll be happy to know, that I check that I will ship to Canada. I've
only done a few auctions, but those that I have done, I always say yes to
Canada. Not to other places, but that is going to change... I have been
limiting my ship to range only because I am new at auctions and want to
get a feel for it before I have to start deailing with international
shipping. But I've sent enough items to Canada in the past, that I'm
comfortable with what's involved with it.

> The problems with the commercial shippers like UPS is a
>different number, and while it may work well in-country is
>a disaster outside.

This is my major problem with shipping outside the US (minus canada). I
have heard horror stories about UPS and FedEx going to other countries.
So when I am counting on using FedEx for delivery, I worry about what is
going to be involved with getting the package to the person if they
aren't in North America. So my line of thought has been... let me get the
auction concept under my belt... then I'll work on the international
shipping issues.

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