Was there a DEC LINC-5 (not -8)?

From: Steve Jones <classiccmp_at_crash.com>
Date: Tue Jan 14 11:42:00 2003

Sellam wrote:
>> strongly remember being labeled as a LINC-5, definitely DEC, a large
> Are you sure it wasn't a PDP-5?

It definitely said LINC - the questionable part is that I think it
said '-5', but I've never heard of a LINC-5 since then. I would've
remembered if it said PDP-5. I'm beginning to think I must have
gotten the number wrong somehow... In which case, it was still a
pretty uncommon beast to come across, even though I didn't really
get to know it.

Can anyone say how tall a LINC-8 stood? Perhaps the countertop we
had under the console was a post-sale addition. This comes partly
from staring at the picture of a LINC-8 here:


Thanks, all.
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