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Date: Tue Jan 14 12:12:00 2003

I sell all over the world and have no troubles with it, many times the cost
of shipping is more than the cost.

I almost always use the US Postal System for overseas shipment. They have
reliable systems and treat packages much better than UPS. Global Priority
mail for items under a kilo is very easy and the USPS will even provide
envelopes and boxes for small stuff.

The Post Office also has a software program that will allow you to calculate
shipping anywhere in the world besides the US. It is the USPS Postal
Assistant and you can get it on CD or download it from the USPS. Since the
rate charts need regular updating it is easier to use the download.

There are interesting differences over the world. For instance Global
priority will not work to Italy, only regular air post. These are easy to
figure out with the USPS software.

The USPS is also very competitive on shipping to other countries. When I do
estimates of cost, the USPS always wins over sending by UPS, Airborne or
Federal Express. FedEx often comes in second by the way.

USPS works internationally, quite well.

Astoria, OR
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