Fw: KIM audio files

From: Ed <edsa_at_alphalink.com.au>
Date: Tue Jan 14 13:11:08 2003


Do you own the KIM-1 Repository website? I tried sending to
the following email addr given on the page but it bounced...

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Subject: KIM audio files

> Hi,
> I've "just stumbled over The KIM-1 repository" :)
> I don't have a KIM-1 myself though I've had an interest in things
> 6502 having once owned a UK101, C64 etc.
> I was particularly interested in your sampled KIM programs.
> I've also been experimenting with the computer programs stored
> on audio cassette. My webpage has an encoder/decoder for Kansas
> City Standard formatted tapes. www.alphalink.com.au/~edsa
> I noticed your WAV files are 16 bit mono, 11025 samples/sec.
> I've found that using a resolution of 8-bits is more than adequate
> for this type of task. Using 8 bit would cut your filesize by half!
> While researching the Kansas City Standard tape format, I read a
> comment suggesting this was also used by KIM. However some
> digging indicated this was not so.
> Since completing the KCS program, I felt the techniques used
> could be adapted for just about any format including KIM.
> However I wasn't sure how much demand there might be for a
> KIM version. If you or other KIM users would be interest in
> such a program, let me know.
> regards,
> Ed
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