Utter eBay Madness (was help w/pricing)

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Tue Jan 14 13:14:53 2003

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Sellam Ismail wrote:

> On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Jay West wrote:
> > > There are, and have been, for decades, valid mathematical and actuarial
> > > methods for determining the value of a given object based on several
> > > criteria, including of course supply and demand. Why should ending prices
> > > of eBay auctions all of a sudden supercede that science?

   Mathematic *this*!!!


  I am only the Messenger, and for those of us who prefer not to follow
links... this auction (which ended *sucessfully*!!!) was for an 'egg'
that her *CAT* 'laid' after "...ten minutes of shrieking and acting really
bizarre.." Someone, possibly Short, Dark, and Handsome, paid a dollar for

  I'm just in awe.

 Off topic, but a fairly Cool Site: somebody is trolling eBay and culling
out the wierder stuff - and collating it in one place for your Bemused
Enjoyment: www.whowouldbuythat.com

  And I used to think that ASCII art of Nekkid Wimmin was the ultimate
perversion of technology....


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