OT: paging MAC expert(s) --- What's a Performa

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Tue Jan 14 16:24:00 2003

> I have an old macintosh portable I bought in 1995. I have no idea what
>it is worth but I love it. I am also not very computer literate. I also
>own a macintosh preforma 6360. I now own an imac. Maryann DeMatthews

Well, I'm not sure what you are getting at with your email, but the
question posed in the subject line was "what's a Performa"... and the
simple answer is... a Mac that Apple produced during a time when they
thought that different names would increase sales. Performa's were the
same Mac's as the LCs, and some Quadra's and PowerMac's. Apple was under
the misguided notion that if you complicate the product line by releasing
the same computer under 3 different names, you could convince different
market segments to buy their version of the computer at their price.

LC's were marketed to education and sold at one price, with one software
Performa's were marketed to the home user, sold at a different price, and
with a different software bundle
and Quadra's and PowerMac's were marketed to businesses, at an even more
inflated price and with almost no software bundled.

Of course, I am SOOO glad that Apple decided to go to the opposite
extreme with their product lines, and name everything, no matter how
radically different, the exact same thing. Makes it so wonderful to try
and figure out what model someone is using over the phone

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