Semi OT: Apple CD-ROM Driver 5.3.1

From: Scarletdown <>
Date: Wed Jan 15 12:40:36 2003

Anyone out there have the Apple CD-ROM Driver 5.3.1 that they might
be willing to email my way? I just recently picked up a Toshiba XM-
520 SCSI CD-ROM drive in hopes of being able to use it with both my
Apple IIGS and my Performa 405. I've been told that the GS (equipped
as it is with a RAMFast SCSI Card) should handle it fine; but since
the Performa is running System 7.5, I need the Apple CD-ROM Driver
5.3.1 from System 7.6 to be able to use non-Apple CD-ROM drives.

-- Scarletdown
Received on Wed Jan 15 2003 - 12:40:36 GMT

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