Update: BBC Acorn

From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Wed Jan 15 16:42:00 2003

> Hmm. I've not got the box any more, mores the pity.

sure. I can understand my not getting the box but I'm surprised someone lost
the discs / manuals in my case... guess they got left on a shelf somewhere and
then dumped.

> There were no end of accessories that all used the same box. Various
> add-on processors, modem (prestel adapter) etc.

hmm. I really must look at what I have again!!

>>I'm sure Ferranti produced much better machines than glorified IBM clones
>>though, if that's what this is :-)
>They did do an IBM XT clone - we had to use some of them. Big black ugly
>box. Cassette based, with an upgrade available to floppy disc. W.H.Smiths
>used to sell them to the public..! They were not a success.

hmm, this one had a cream-coloured case. The chassis was built to accomodate a
couple of single-height floppy drives, side-by side; I believe it had a floppy
controller built into one of the main boards. I think it had a couple of
seperate PSUs in it too, one providing +5V and the other doing everything else.
All this from memory of course - it's buried behind several layers of other
junk at the moment :-)



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