Technique for scanning in documentation

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Wed Jan 15 19:38:01 2003

On Wednesday, January 15, 2003, Antonio Carlini wrote:
> Acrobat 4 can import up to 50 files at once. So if you have scanned to 50
> individual TIFFs you can import them all in one go (it's not that speedy
> though!).

When converting from multi-page TIFF to PDF, I typically use IrfanView, a
free and good Windows image viewer, and I print to the Acrobat 5 Distiller
printer. The Acrobat import feature is convenient, but I can't find any
definite way to view (or configure) the parameters it uses when processing
images. What DPI does it use for such-and-such class of images? What kinds
of compression does it use? I feel much more comfortable with Distiller and
its configurability -- I know what is going into my PDFs.

IrfanView is also neat because of its very fast rendering and printing the

Jeffrey Sharp
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