IBM 5322

From: Guy Sotomayor <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 00:58:06 2003

On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 20:54, Sellam Ismail wrote:
> On 15 Jan 2003, Guy Sotomayor wrote:
> > This is the boot diagnostics. I *used* to know what the individual
> > numbers were, but alas 1980 was a long time ago.
> Hmm, well maybe I'll come across some manuals. Maybe they're in my
> garage right now.

You'll know it if you have them. There were about 6' of manuals for
that machine. The binder covers were a dark orangish beige.
> > You're in the command prompt. There should be a way to get it (again
> > that 1980 thing) to enter the editor so that you can write some code in
> > BASIC.
> Oh, so BASIC is in ROM?

Yea, about 112K worth for the control program and the BASIC interpreter
(actually somewhat of a compiler, when you finished editing, it would
compile it in to byte codes and run that). It could have up to 128K of
RAM in it.

Do you actually have one of these beasts?
TTFN - Guy
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