ADMIN: What if ClassicCmp were a blog?

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 02:27:06 2003

Jeffrey Sharp wrote:
> In my quest to cover every aspect, to think about every permutation of what
> ClassicCmp *could* be in the future, I have yet another question to ask
> ClassicCmp subscribers: What if ClassicCmp were a weblog, in the style of
> Slashdot or Kuro5hin?

It sounds like you are talking about a web board type thing. Please NO.
  There are a few that I read from time to time, but they are a pain to
navigate, and email is so much easier! Web boards are what non-computer
people tend to use, in my opinion. I wish the various truck boards I
read were mailing lists!!!!

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
Received on Thu Jan 16 2003 - 02:27:06 GMT

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