Mac TV

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 02:44:00 2003

Will Jennings wrote:
> So I should offer the guy something like 10 bucks for it and then
> offer it to the list for like 30 or, that way I can make some money
> to send to VISA and someone who loves Macs will be happy and it won't
> get junked, in other words. Please don't flame me for wanting to
> profit, but I'm seriously broke and need to pay Chris Kennedy/Visa/my
> parents/go to college/get gas/fix my power steering/pay J. Darren
> Petersen/etc. I think a $20 profit is fair, as I already spent time
> finding it, gas getting there, and would spend money obtaining it as
> well. Thoughts?
Just out of interest, can a Mac TV output PAL video and operate off 230V (UK
mains voltage)? I'd love to get one (and get it to do something useful), but
they don't seem to have appeared in the UK market yet.
OTOH, I *do* have a VCR that can operate as an NTSC->PAL converter...

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