Mac TV

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 09:07:00 2003

>So I should offer the guy something like 10 bucks for it and then offer it
>to the list for like 30 or, that way I can make some money to send to VISA
>and someone who loves Macs will be happy and it won't get junked, in other
>words. Please don't flame me for wanting to profit, but I'm seriously broke
>and need to pay Chris Kennedy/Visa/my parents/go to college/get gas/fix my
>power steering/pay J. Darren Petersen/etc. I think a $20 profit is fair, as
>I already spent time finding it, gas getting there, and would spend money
>obtaining it as well. Thoughts?

Yes... if you can snag it for $10, and small profit is worth you time,
then by all means, do it.

And if it works and/or is relatively complete, let me know... I'll buy it
from you.

My overall point before wasn't that you should NOT buy one, just that you
should not pay a high price expecting that you will get an even higher
price for it later... but if you can get it cheap (like $10), you can be
assured you will get some kind of profit on it. There is nothing wrong
with making a profit on things... I just didn't want you to get burned
thinking that the MacTV was going to get Lisa 1 like prices, and so you
ran out and paid $100 for one expecting to resell it for $1,000.

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